Targeting Diseases of Aging at a Cellular Level

To see the affects of aging all you have to do is look in a mirror and watch the changes over time. Fountain Therapeutics is training its artificial intelligence platform to look at individual cells to detect changes that occur as cells get older and discover therapeutics that target underlying mechanisms of aging. 

Hiring During COVID-19: Business as Usual in the New Normal

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to usher in an unprecedented era for the global economy and businesses worldwide, Xtalks recently spoke to the CEOs of several companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors to learn about how they are navigating the current situation with respect to hiring and recruitment.

Fountain’s ‘hypothesis-free’ approach to Longevity AI

We reached out to Fountain’s CEO John Dimos to see what more we can learn about the mysterious San Francisco start-up. When it comes to AI and Longevity drug discovery, there are already several companies out there leveraging the power of machine learning, and we recently covered the $6 million funding injection received by Fountain Therapeutics for …

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